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Getting Your Home Ready for sale

          A key factor in attracting (or repelling) home buyers is the clenliness and orderliness of a home.  While buyers are sympathetic towards sellers who must live in a home while selling it, most buyers can't see past the normal clutter of a lived-in home. 

          Buyers view dozens of homes in a row.  When they walk into a home, they're instantly comparing it sparkeling clean, well staged homes they have just seen.  If a home is even slightly cluttered with books, toys, furniture, refrigerator magnets, buyers can be turned off simply by comparison.  The solution?  Work with us to spot the areas of potential problems.  We can help you figure out where to put your energy for the highest impact, then start packing. Move 70% of your stuff to a storage unit and then clean, clean, clean.   When getting your home ready to sell, just a little bit of time and energy can help you sell your home for a lot more money.

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